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YSMART: Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight for Everyday Carry

Pop-to-Light, Magnetic Base, Tiny but Super Bright, in Aluminium or Titanium, Extremely Convenient, Easy, Fast to Use Than Ever Before


We’re YSMART. We design and make cool EDC products. After the success of YSMART 1.0 with 2500+ backers and over 8000 products fulfilled, we received a heap of great feedback.  Now we are glad to be back with our Kickstarter #3.

Meet YSMART 2.0: The Magnetic Quick-Release Flashlight for Everyday Carry. 

The “Pop-to-Light” solution provides an extremely convenient, easy, fast way to use when you need light in a big hurry. The upgraded version is smallest, lightest,  brightest, more durable, and more convenient than ever before.

We wanted to do better than the already-stunning original YSMART 1.0, so we upgraded our equipment to feature a state-of-the-art SUPER THIN SMD LED module, which offers maximum output for minimum energy consumption.

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