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WYPE: the future of cleaning is here

Cleans up Wet & Dry Spills | Self-Cleaning Base Station | Cordless | Dual Water Tanks | Lightweight | Sustainable & Repairable

WYPE is a totally new type of floor cleaner than can absorb liquids and brush up solids at the same time. Cracked eggs, cereal and milk, fries, and ketchup, it all disappears inside the patented absorbent roller leaving nothing but a clean streak behind.  

The best part, WYPE even cleans itself. A clever base station flushes out dirt and debris, separates liquid from solids, and recharges WYPE at the same time. WYPE is designed to make daily life just that extra bit better by saving you time on chores every day. 

 Wet & dry cleaning at the same time

Take shaving or cutting your hair (hello quarantine bangs). You’ve got hairs, shaving cream, and maybe a bit of water on the floor. Do you mop that up? Gross, no. Do you grab the vacuum? Nope, that can’t handle liquids. So what do you do? 

Simple, you clean it up with one WYPE.

And it works on any hard floor type, not just tiles or concrete. WYPE loves to clean up your hardwood floors too.  

WYPE loves eating as much as we do, just look at it go on a full plate of spilled spaghetti with tomato sauce. 

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