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What to do on your campaign’s last day

Your campaign is about to end, what do you do now?

Your crowdfunding campaigns is coming on its last day, so how can you capitalize on this to make sure you get the most of your efforts as possible?

This is the last period of time you have to generate any support left and wrap things up neatly. So what are some things you should do?


Write and send a thank-you email to everyone who has backed your project thus far for their support.

Use this time to ask them to share your campaign one more time on social media to track any leads from your backers you can.

Ask backers to provide any feedback they have left on your project.

This final email is the last chance to interact and keep the conversation going with your backers, so make it count.

Write an update

Make sure you write and send an update in the final 24 hours of your campaign to remind everyone the campaign is almost over. Make sure to include a social media share button and ask your backers to share the campaign one final time or make a contribution!

Use your update as well to inform them of any last-minute information, such as a specific email address for after-sale information. This update is also a chance to thank your backers for their support thus far in the campaign, and much like your email, hopefully, it will keep the conversation going.

Make Campaign Page Updates

Do you have a new website up? An e-commerce store for your post-campaign efforts?

Any links you need to add should be updated on your campaign page, preferably at the top of your campaign.  Inform followers about where to go to see the results of the campaign as well as how the funds generated from it are being used. 

Not only does this give them peace of mind that the funds are being used appropriately, but it will encourage them to feel comfortable contributing to your future campaigns.

Social Media

Use your final 24 hours to post on social media – even a countdown is incentivizing as it creates urgency.

The best way to do it is to create a social media plan and schedule posts denoting 48, 24, 12, and 1-hour posts until the campaign ends.

Run ads as well with a similar copy to capture any last-minute leads, and reach out to any potential backers who have messaged you privately to inform them of their last chance to get your product!

Next Steps

When your campaign is successful and over, you need to think of the next steps you’ll have to take. Are you turning to e-commerce? Do you have another product ready for launch? Are your production and shipping in place?

During the final 24 hours of your campaign, it’s important to be as visible and as active as possible and to answer any questions, thank everyone who is supporting you and sharing your campaign.

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