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Kickstarter Review: The SitPack Zen X

Get comfortable for a BackerLand “ass-on” review of the Sitpack Portable Compact Seat. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the team behind this portable seating wonder funded their Kickstarter in 2017 and since then, over 60,000 Sitpacks have been shipped worldwide. This an upgraded product as they released their first version in 2014 to great Kickstarter success

So What Is SitPack?

Sitpack office
Sitpack being used in the office
Sitpack field

When folded it looks like a large pop can, but it unfolds and telescopes out to a T-shape for a portable lean-to seat. It is height adjustable thanks to it’s telescoping segments.

Made of sturdy fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate, Sitpack uses a simple “extend and twist” to lock in place each its segments. It takes only 4 easy steps to fully unlock:

  1. Just turn it upside down and flip each wing until it snaps onto the seat hoots.
  2. Stabilize the seat by pushing the bottom ring up.
  3. Pull out the leg by twisting the foot to unlock it,
  4. Adjust the height to your preference and then twist it again to lock it in place.

You can even see it telescoped in Sitpack Kickstarter video:

Sitpack works super well for a variety of situations and can be used basically anywhere, except a swamp or muddy concert ground, but it  does come in handy when you’re”

  • waiting for a bus or train and you want to read your ereader or tablet.
  • Whether you’re on a walk and need a break.
  • Taking photos of rare birds.
  • At an outdoor concert
  • in a really long line at the bank.
  • As a stand for elevating a sprained ankle so you don’t have to use an office chair (as one of our office mates found out)

The one thing to keep in mind is you need balance for it, so maybe letting grandpa Stu use itsn’t the best idea.

How Much Does It Cost?

After using the Sitpack we concluded it it was not only cool and fairly priced, but worthy of a review. It’s super light, compact, very portable, kind of ergonomic in the sense that it lets you have better posture than just sitting in a chair, seems solidly built from durable materials, and can be adjusted to the users height, which is really awesome.

The Sitpack team has already raised their funding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and have developed past the prototype stage. It retails for $120 USD, but is available on Indiegogo for $69 USD (shipping not included). It’s also on their landing page for $65 USD (again, shipping not included). Smart users can snag an additional 25% off a Sitpack Original on their landing page by signing up for email alerts.

Sitpack 25% banner

The sitpack has already begun shipping their products, and any new orders should arrive in several weeks time as their team gets through their backorders.

Sitpack delivery

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