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SuperHub: Card-Sized Charging, Data & Video Hub with Dual PD

USB3.1, 4K@60Hz, 48W GaN charger, hub & dock for MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10, Note 10, Nintendo Switch and more.


If you work on the go, you’re probably carrying a lot of extra devices: a Macbook or other laptop, a tablet, a phone, possibly a camera, and then all of the accessories to make these devices work. That includes your laptop’s power brick, hub (never enough USB ports!), HDMI adaptor, and more. This is a huge hassle, especially when traveling. We’ve decided to tackle the source of the problem. Specifically, the power source.

SuperHub is a credit card-sized 4-port adapter & hub, an integrated charging, data & video transfer solution for work, meetings, travel, entertainment and more. Wherever your day takes you, SuperHub lets you do more while carrying less.

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