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Storypod: The Smart, Screenless Storytelling Toy For Kids

An educational audio toy starring clever yarn figurines that enlightens kids 3+ with classic stories, music, & read-along audiobooks.

Simply put one of our adorable yarn figurines we call Crafties on Storypod and voilà! You’re transported to a fascinating world of podcast-quality stories, music, and learning topics 🎶 

What’s the tech behind this magic? ✨ Each Craftie has a special chip inside that streams its content to Storypod, which is bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled (but purposely lacks a microphone for child-safe privacy).

When you put a Craftie on Storypod for the first time, its content will download directly onto Storypod so your kids can play it anywhere offline without Wi-Fi. 🎧 

How to pre-order your Storypod: 

By “backing” or making a “pledge” to our campaign, you are financing our project in return for a “reward’ in the form of the Storypod Set which you choose  — and helping us make our dream project a reality! 🙏

  •  Step 1: Click “Back This Project”
  •  Step 2: Select the Storypod Set you’d like & choose your shipping country
  •  Step 3: Click “Next” (create an account & add a payment method if you don’t have one)
  •  Step 4: Click “Pledge” — That’s it! You won’t be charged until our campaign ends on Aug 25 & we’ll ask for your shipping address in September. 

Screens are amazing for a lot of things, but overexposure to them can have devastating effects for children. As screen time has skyrocketed, so have cognitive and behavioral issues like ADHD.

How do screens affect children’s brains?

JAMA Pediatrics, a highly-regarded American Medical Association publication, found that children who spent more time on screens showed less expressive language and ability to rapidly name objectsdecreased literacy skills, and even physical changes to the brain. 

So how much screen time is too much? Well, the American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization recommend the following guidelines: 

  •  Until 18-months: No screen time. 
  •  Until age 5: Limit screen use to 1 hour per day of high-quality programming, co-view with your children, help them understand what they are seeing, and help them apply what they learn to the world around them.

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