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Snapon: Magnetic USB Cable w/ Wireless Pad for Phone & Watch

Snapon is a real game-changer in USB charging cable with its ultra portable 4-in-1 design. Carry it in your bag or pocket on the go to cover all your charging needs. It has dual inputs of USB-A and USB-C, a round magnetic tip that sticks to 3 removable charging connectors including Lightning, Type-C and Micro-USB, and a world’s smallest built-in wireless charging pad for both smart watches and phones, matching your needs to charge all types of devices. Simply leave the connector inserted in the charging port of your device and effortlessly snap on the magnetic tip for a hassle-free charge. It features an unobtrusive breathing light which blinks during charging and remains on when fully charged.

Snapon’s built-in Qi-compatible wireless charger is compatible with both smart watches and phones. It offers up to 10W fast wireless charging to smartphones and 3W to smartwatches such as Apple Watch series 1/2/3/4 and Samsung Galaxy and Gear Watch. Enjoy efficient and tangle-free charge out of such a mindblowing design!

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