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Kickstarter Review: LABFRESH Polo

Reviewing The Most Advanced Stain & Odour repellent Polo

Men everywhere can rejoice as there is a new stain and odour repelling polo available on Kickstarter. Once BackerLand saw it, we immediately began to review the LabFresh Polo as we think it’s a great idea.

A stain and odour repelling Polo has been created by the LabFresh Polo team. They’re expanding on a previous idea having launched a similar successful shirt which reviewers praised).

The LabFresh Polos “repel all water-based stains, including red wine, beetroot juice, and coffee” and are “odour and sweat repellent, keeping you fresh all day and beyond.”

Check out their video, as it shows the Polo in action:

The LabFresh Polo Campaign Video

Is It Safe?

They have accomplished this through a patented unique treatment mix called: FreshCore™. Their team has found a way to manipulate cotton fibers and shield them from both bacteria and liquids. Their treatments don’t affect the feel of the fabric and they are able to reach the same level of breathability than untreated cotton polos. You can see their certifications for safety and success on the project page itself.

The LabFresh Polo is made from 100% cotton (and treated by FreshCore for stain and odour resistances) making it perfectly safe to place on your skin. A great thing about the LabFresh brand is their commitment to reducing waste and creating long-lasting products. This is in direct contrast to some current fast-fashion trends.

Committed to Transparency

They are also committed to Full transparency use “the unfiltered platform Trustpilot for all reviews – both the good and the bad. [They] have no way to interfere with the reviews. This is a part of [their] commitment to full transparency in both production, sustainability and customer experience.”

Final Things To Note

The campaign is fully funded and finishes on June 12. Interested customers can grab a LabFresh Polo in grey, light blue, white, or navy (or a t-shirt in those colours). The prices start at $44. for one shirt (in either a polo or t-shirt). They do offers pledges where you can grab a polo and a t-shirt (or two polos), and users can get up to 8 shirts at once.

If you enjoyed BackerLand’s review of the LabFresh Polo or want to find out more about LabFresh, head over to their campaign page below:

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