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Protectors of the Rainbow: A Glowing Treasure Hunt Game

Spark your kids’ imaginations as they pretend to be unicorns, racing to find hidden glow-in-the-dark gems! Indoor/outdoor play, ages 4+

As everyone knows, Unicorns protect the skies. What people don’t know is that Leprechauns are greedy, mischievous creatures – and now they’re at it again!  They’ve stolen all the colors of the rainbow and now it’s up to the Unicorns to make things right again.  

Kids will love the quest of searching for the glowing gems and working together to find them…over and over again!  Designed for kids ages 4-10, 2-7 players.

 The cloud light can either be plugged in using a USB cable or battery operated using AA batteries. The gems USB powered when plugged in and battery powered when removed from the cloud.  Whether you’re indoors or outside, you’ll be able to play to heart’s content!

 1. Leprechauns hide the rainbow gems.

 2. Unicorns search for the missing lights.

 3. Place the found gems on the rainbow and watch the whole cloud light up. 

 4. Celebrate your victory and play again!

 5. BONUS: When you’re exhausted from playing, use it as a nightlight! 

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