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O’kase: A modular design smart pill organizer

Modular design smart pill organizer that’s customizable and always internet-connected

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O’kase Concept Rendering

Many of us take supplements, birth control or prescription medications on a daily basis. We all understand the benefits of taking them on time, but are reluctant to spare the attention. According to research, more than half Americans cannot adhere to their dosing schedule. It’s not just shredding your dollars spent on pills, there could also be unnecessary risks introduced.

We have been looking for a quality pill organizer that is customizable, smart with reminders, and also portable. Surprisingly, it is hard to find. They either come in wrong sizes, are not intuitive to learn or rely heavily on smart phone to function.

That’s why we created O’kase. 

Features (O’kase M Prototype shown)

O’kase is easy to work with. For example, if the schedule is set to be, Fish Oil at 10:00, Multi-Vitamin at 15:45 and Melatonin at 23:59 everyday. 

Schedule Setup

At 15:45, O’kase will remind you for action, and send a record to our cloud service if you take it on time. Kudo!

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Knowing what you missed is also important. You will see a blinking red light if you missed your dose. It will be shown on your summary report as well. 

Missed dose notification
Connectivity (Prototype Shown)

 O’kase is designed to be internet access on the go via Cellular and Bluetooth (optional). Just like how Kindle (Cellular version) enables reading new books on the go, O’kase is your  companion 24/7. No more WiFi setup, so there is one less thing to worry about. 

Easy Setup

O’kase is the one fits all pill organizer with modular design. It can be as small as a standalone tracker on your keychain, or as big as a case holding all of your medications. Simply by swapping the case modules,  you can easily expand it for more space or shrink it for portability.

Whether it’s one vitamin pill or a cocktail of medications, O’kase have you covered. 

O’kase is flexible (Prototype Shown)
O’kase L prototype shown

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