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MINIX:4-IN-1 USB-C Multiport 480GB SSD Storage Hub

Built-in 480GB SSD Storage for Apple MacBook Air/Pro | HDMI 4K@60Hz | Thunderbolt 3 | USB 3.0

Meet MINIX Storage Pro, the Universal USB-C Storage Hub and the MINIX NEO Storge Pro offer extra 480GB SSD storage and essential ports suit your daily routine. 

Get extra 480GB SSD storage and 4 types daily essential ports simply with the MINIX Universal Storage Hub. Perfectly connected to your laptop/smartphone or even iPad, brings extra convenience to you with ease.  

✅Compatible with USB-C Laptop / USB-C Smartphone / iPad Pro 2018

✅Detachable Cable

✅Build-in 480GB SSD storage

✅1 * HDMI 4K@60Hz

✅1 * Type-C (PD only)

✅1 * Gigabit Ethernet 

✅2 * USB 3.0

✅Color option: Space Gray / Silver

Meet MINIX NEO Storage Pro, the 4-in-1 portable storage hub specifically crafted for your Apple MacBook Air/Pro. The inclusion of 480GB built-in SSD storage along with HDMI [4K @ 60Hz], Thunderbolt 3, and USB 3.0 ports will boost your daily productivity. It connects perfectly to the side of your MacBook Air/Pro, making it the ideal partner for your work desk.

MINIX NEO Storage Pro’s built-in 480GB SSD storage supports up to 400MB/s read and write speed* making it speedy and efficient. Simply connect MINIX NEO Storage Pro to your MacBook Air/Pro and enjoy incredibly fast file transfer. Get easier access to your data quickly.

*Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending on MacBook model, OS, and application. 1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes.

MINIX NEO Storage Pro features HDMI [4K @ 60Hz], Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 ports. Perfect for freelancing, perfect for pitching to clients, perfect for meetings, perfect for you.  Any work necessities, all solved with one capable, stable MINIX NEO Storage Pro. 

Easily view movies or slides on a big screen via the HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 ports. The two ports allow for simultaneous dual display output in mirror or extend mode, boosting your productivity across multiple screens.

Get crystal clear picture quality and vibrant audio from your MacBook Air/Pro.

  • HDMI supports up to 4K @ 60Hz*

*Direct HDMI-to-HDMI connection required.

  • Thunderbolt 3 supports up to 5K @ 60Hz

We are excited about cutting-edge technologies like the universal Thunderbolt 3 port, however, most of the accessories in the market today haven’t been upgraded to fit this port, which means you still need an extra adapter for this essential connection.

*Apple SuperDrive is not supported.

MINIX NEO Storage Pro weighs only 55.3g and fits in the palm of your hand making it ideal for life on-the-go. It’s stylish, brushed aluminum housing means it perfectly complements the sleekness of your MacBook Air/Pro.  Also, it connects seamlessly to the side of your MacBook Air/Pro, avoiding any needless cables.  

Made from CNC precision Milled Aluminum with a reinforced shell ensures maximum durability and resistance against daily wear and tear. MINIX NEO Storage Pro’s 3-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty is the longest among competitor products on the market.

In order to perfectly match your Apple MacBook Air/Pro, MINIX NEO Storage Pro is available in two color options, Space Grey or Silver.

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