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MiniFalcon: The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack

MiniFalcon Scooter was created to be taken with you anywhere. Folding up to less than two feet long while maintaining extremely high performance, long battery life, and tons of safety features.

✅ 1st Portable High-Performance E-scooter.
✅ 250W Noiseless Motor.Max Speed 16mph.
✅ 2H Fast Charging. Long lasting Battery
✅ Kinetic Energy Recovery System
✅ High-Efficiency Shock Absorber
✅ Dual Rear Brake Technology
✅ Aerospace Grade Aluminum
✅ Puncture-Proof Tires
✅ Quick-View Digital Display

Light enough to carry in your backpack. Strong enough to support up to 220 lbs. Built with the latest aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, MiniFalcon is extremely strong and lightweight.

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