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Kickstarter Review: Qubix 2

Reviewing Qubix 2: Make Unpacking A Thing Of The Past

We all know the pain of messy luggage! Packing can be a struggle, especially when trying to fit in all your essentials. When you finally arrive at your destination after a long trip, dealing with the dread of unpacking is the last thing you ever want to be doing.

Qubix 2 is the Solution! Now you can finally say goodbye to the dreadful task and epic waste of time that is unpacking! Thanks to Qubix2’s hook and hang system, you can unpack your entire suitcase in a matter of seconds. Simply hook and hang your cubes on the rail, on a hanger, or anywhere you want!

Quick And Easy Access to Your Clothes

Getting access to your clothes is an absolute breeze. Simply unzip your cube (even without de-compressing it) and… voilà! So you can grab your cubes with ease, anytime and anywhere. Oh, and did we mention? The hook and hang system doubles as a carrying handle. 

Double Compression Zipper System

The double compression zipper is a revolution in packing efficiency. 

Take Your Packing Game To The Next Level!

Qubix2 features a new super lightweight RipStop parachute fabric that is woven using a special reinforcing technique, making it resistant to tearing and ripping. And as the name suggests, skydivers trust it to keep them safe at 15,000 ft. So you know you can trust it on your travels! In a nutshell, if you want super durable packing cubes, that’s exactly what you get when backing Qubix2. 

If you enjoyed the review of the Qubix 2 then you can find out more about their campaign on their campaign page below:

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