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Kickstarter Review: M250 hex drive toolkit

M250 hex drive toolkit by TACTICA

How many times did you find out that you were missing the right screwdriver? With the M250 we wanted to make sure you had the ones you needed. That’s why each toolkit comes with 12 of the most common hex bits that you might need & 2 spare slots to add your own. 

Check out their video to see more information:

The M250 is sized to be compact with it being less than the size of a credit card.

Each toolkit comes with:

 1. Complete screwdriver set – 12 of the most common hex bits you might need. 

  • Phillips hex drive – 1.8mm*, #0, #2  (* 1.8mm suitable for most eyeglasses) 
  • Flat hex drive – 1.8mm*, #3, #5 (* 1.8mm suitable for most eyeglasses) 
  • Allen hex drives – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm 
  • Torx Hex Drives – T10, T15, T25  

2. M250 magazine – holds your hex bits and includes heavy-duty driver

3. Extended reach – 2″/ 50mm hex bit extender 

4. M250 holster – Pocket, belt or on the fridge, the choice is yours

The patent-pending storage system allows you to take your hex bits in and out with ease. The TPU retention elastomer ensures your bits stay in place securely. So no need to worry about pieces falling out in your bag or pocket.

Similar to the M100 multitool, the M250 features a hardened stainless steel insert to ensure you have the necessary strength to budge even the toughest of screws*. Combined with the wider body, the M250 also gives you the leverage you need. 

Each M250 comes with an integrated 50mm/ 2″ hex bit extender. Perfect for getting to those hard to reach places or when you can’t get your tool in the right spot. The extender features a magnetic tip to ensure your bits stay in place when in use.     

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