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Using Indiegogo Secret Perks To Get More Funding

3 Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Indiegogo’s Secret Perks

What is a secret perk? Well, if you didn’t know, Indiegogo offers perks that are only visible to those with a unique link. Meaning Indiegogo secret perks do not appear on a public Indiegogo page. Visitors can see them at the top of the Perks section with a large “SECRET PERK” banner.

So, that’s what a Indiegogo secret perk is.

Now you know what an Indiegogo Secret Perk is. Let’s discuss how to use them more effectively.

Using Indiegogo Secret Perks For Remarketing

Indiegogo allows you to place a Facebook Pixel on your Indiegogo campaign page. This allows you to constantly be building up an audience to market AND remarket to.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is advertising to anyone who has already interacted with your brand in some way on Facebook or on Indiegogo. Through remarketing, you are looking to market new ads to entice users who have been to your Indiegogo campaign page, but haven’t backed your project.

A good way to remarked to them is to offer an extra incentive through an Indiegogo secret perk. An example would be a discount, upgraded product, or accessory – to entice them to return and back your project.

Remarketing efforts yield a higher return on your ad investment as the people you target are more qualified leads (they have seen your campaign and require less education on its benefit to their lives).

Once offered a Secret Perk for a bigger discount, there is a high chance they will take that new offer.

Flash Sales

A flash sale is promotes a new discount for a limited period of time. Depending on the time of year you can time it with big discount holidays like Black Friday or Boxing Day.

It’s a great way to drive sales and convert backers who are on the fence about your crowdfunding campaign. This also helps in not angering those who have already backed your project at a higher price – they won’t be seeing the new ads.

Secret perks also allow you to avoid the public nature of flash sales. You can also be selective with whom you offer the flash sale discount to.

We recommend you market flash sales through email, which allows you to control who can see the message. It also allows you to test and track the effectiveness of your sales.

Secret Add-ons With Indiegogo’s Secret Perks

Indiegogo allows backers to pledge multiple times on different products on the same crowdfunding campaign. This means you can also sell separate items or “add-ons” to backers who have supported your campaign through your flagship product.

The best strategy is to keep your perks simple and offer a few choices. The more choice a backer has the more paralyzed they will be.

Since perks are listed in order of price (lowest to highest) and add-ons are typically cheaper than your main product, your add-ons will appear at the top of the perk list. This gives them more exposure and increases their clicks.

Try to use secret perks as much as you can for add-ons, and strategically market those add-ons to people after they have already backed the campaign.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Secret Perks make the people who see them feel special. That feeling leads to a higher conversion rate vs. a perk which is simply added to the public campaign page.

Aim to use secret perks to add to your crowdfunding success and treat them as a tactic. Your main focus should be on producing a great product – the use of Indiegogo secret perks.

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