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Kickstarter Campaign Review: The iKuddle

Auto-Pack Litter Box: Clump Disposal Made Easy

Cat owners should rejoice, as there’s a new way to keep your litter box clean. Backerland is happy to review the iKuddle, which is a smart litter box that automatically self-cleans, eliminates odours, and packs away the waste for a simple, hygienic disposal. Meaning no more manually cleaning your cat’s waste.

The iKuddle Campaign Video

What Makes It Cool

According to their CEO Kevin: “by creating sensors that track when your cat enters and leaves the iKuddle, the system not only knows when it’s time to clean up, but can help track the health of your furry friend by sending you updates as to how often they use the iKuddle.”

It is an innovative solution that uses smart technology and automation to bring a system maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene for both you and your pet directly into your home.

The system’s “Auto Litter Packing” feature automatically packs the cat’s waste into a small bag that is hygienically sealed and can be discarded at your convenience. iKuddle is also a money saver – by reducing litter usage up to 50% by only removing the clumps and leaving unused litter behind. The system is completely modular, allowing you to fully-automate cleaning or intervene manually as needed.

iKuddle Features

The iKuddle also features a replaceable carbon-based deodorizing system, which filters out all unpleasant odours, keeping your living space fresh and scent-free, along with:

  • Option to plug in or use its built-in lithium battery that lasts for 2 weeks between charges
  • App-enabled for remote functionality
  • Reducing the number of litter boxes needed in a household
  • Controls waste disposal from a smartphone app

The creator of iKuddle is Kevin (inventor who has over 150 patents) who was the CEO of a consumer electronics manufacturer where he was leading a team of designers and engineers in the development of in-house appliances.

The Campaign So Far

Him and his team have worked hard to develop the iKuddle, and have raised over CAD $1,200,000 with over 3,100 backers.

Cat owners can order an iKuddle for $299 USD (25% off the MSRP) until June 16th.

If you’re interested in learning more about the iKuddle, or found our iKuddle review interesting enough, then head over to their Kickstarter page (you’ll also get to see lots of cute cat photos):

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