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How to successfully manage your crowdfunding community.

Managing a community online isn’t as easy as you think.

Tips for Community Management

Many campaign owners don’t realize that from the pre-launch phase until well after their campaign is funded, finished, and they are producing the goods, they’ll have to manage a community of backers and potential backers on a daily basis.

If you’re running a pre-launch buzz campaign then you’ll be starting community management early. And while most people are excited, not everyone who comments online will be a fun person. You will also discover that a lot of your time will be spent answering the questions of the latter group on Facebook, over email, on Twitter, and on the forums, your product is being talked about on.

With that in mind, we’ve written some quick tips on how to manage a community AND keep it engaged, even the not-so-fun people who support your campaign out of a desire to trash talk your idea.

1. Have ONE person in charge of managing your community

It’s always a good idea to have a dedicated community manager to answer the communities questions, and having just one person in charge helps a lot.

  • One manager means you will have the same tone of voice across all channels along with the same answers to similar questions.

  • As your followers chat with each other and share your brand, one manager lowers the risk of giving out 2 different answers to the same question.

2. Respond Quickly

Would you be surprised to hear communities have an expectation for quick response times? Probably not, people love getting information right away, but here are some interesting things to consider about response times:

  • According to studies, about 72% of people who complain online expect a response in less than an hour.

  • Expected response time for most brands is about thirty minutes AND customers are way more likely to buy from companies who respond to them quickly. Speed is the name of the game here.

  • Resolving issues quickly is crucial. Because if you prove you can resolve an issue before you ship, people will trust you enough to back you.

  • It shows you are active to the silent, lurking majority of visitors who aren’t necessarily following you but are exposed to you.

  • Your goal isn’t just about conversion, it’s also about building lasting relationships with backers who may not only support your current project but for future projects as well. You’re creating a personally curated audience, not one-time customers.

3. Be Helpful

Don’t just focus on features and sale prices – they are important, but not the only thing that’s important. It’s important you focus on what problems your product or service solves for your backers, and how your community manager can best get this across. 

Social community members want trust, high-value, and help to ensure their decision is the right one.

Projects who have compelling reasons for their customers to connect (customer service is one reason) will succeed.

4. Be Where Your Backer’s Are

Wherever you find your audience, you should be there.

Your community manager (or you) should be active on the platform their backers are on, which is particularly important if your project is offering to ship globally and receiving a lot of funding from a specific region.

Furthermore, look into apps like:

  • Facebook
  • What’s App
  • WeChat
  • Viber

These provide a chance for immediate communication with your target backers. Those interested will reach out to you or be responsive, and many backers enjoy knowing they can reach and access your community at a moment’s notice. Just make sure you have a company account and are not using a personal account.

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