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How To Make An Effective Crowdfunding Video That Will Convert Backers

5 best practises for your crowdfunding campaign video

The 5 best things you can do to make an effective crowdfunding video are:

  1. Make sure your script is on target
  2. Have good lighting
  3. Record quality audio
  4. Edit multiple versions
  5. Keep it brief

Making an effective video for your crowdfunding campaign can be the difference between getting fully funded and not. It is the most important tool you have in catching your backer’s attention and getting them to learn about your product

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to make sure your project’s video is effective:

1. Make sure your script (message) is on target

Your video should inspire backers with confidence in your idea. Meaning you should make sure you’ve thought through every aspect of your execution.

This guide on creating an explainer video has some good tips on how to get your messaging right.

Make sure your script is compelling from the first 30 seconds. This doesn’t mean you have to make it exciting or dramatic, but it does need to be grab attention.

Otherwise, potential backers will click off your video and not give your idea a chance to be sold. A good idea is to make your video a version of your elevator pitch for your idea.

Don’t waste time any.

  • Draw your audience in with the very first line and image.
  • Show them what you do best and tell them why it matters.
  • Get straight to the point, and keep it simple

The basic crowdfunding video structure

With this in mind there is a simple structure you can follow. It a tried and tested method, and is used by the majority of effective crowdfunding videos making it an ideal place to start.

The structure is:

  • Tell the viewer who you are.
  • Describe the story behind your project ( like where your idea came from, what stage the project is at, and how excited you are about it).
  • Have a clear call to action. Ask for people’s support and explain why you need it for the project to succeed, and exactly what you’ll do with their money.
  • Talk about your rewards to tempt your viewers. Don’t forget crowdfunding is reward-based—backers give you money and you give them a reward in exchange
  • Use emotion by explaining that if you don’t reach your goal you won’t be able to bring your solution to the world, your team will be distraught, and your dreams crushed.
  • Thank everyone! People enjoy being thanked for giving their time, even if it’s just for watching a video

2. Lighting is very important for effective video

Make sure you shoot your video with good lighting, as the video production value has a major impact on its effectiveness and lighting is an easy way to up your production value.

Quick tips for lighting right:

  • Avoid glare by positioning yourself 45 degrees away from your light source
  • Use a clean background background and try to place yourself as far away from it as possible to create optimal depth of field
  • Position yourself out of centre of the frame to make it more visually interesting
    • This leaves room for post-production words or VFX

3. Be loud –  audio quality is just as important for making an effective crowdfunding video

You will need clean audio because viewers close a video if they can’t hear or understand you.

And many viewers will play your video and scroll over your campaign while listening to the audio, meaning this could be the only impression they get of your project.

Quick tips for recording right:

  • When shooting remember to keep your mic close to your mouth
  • Speak clearly and with enthusiasm
  • Film in a quiet spot

4. Editing and post-production

The post-production or editing your video is critical. This important step can change how your campaign video looks as it’s impossible to shoot video which won’t benefit from some post-production editing.

You can have the most beautiful shots in the world but without an editor they’ll never make sense.

You may have to hire an editor if you lack the skills to do post-production yourself. Shop around to make sure you get a fair price and an editor who knows what he is doing.

Also, be careful not to break any copyright. Check the following before you release your video:

  • Remove any copyrighted logos from all frames.
  • Pay attention to things like logos on clothing.
  • Use royalty free or original audio.

Something else to consider when editing your video is to create a few different versions of your video. It’s better to be ready with the right length or content video than have to rush (or hire an editor) to get it done later on.

Consider pre-editing several videos of the following lengths:

  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 60+ second

These varying cuts provide you with ready assets to use for:

  • Advertising and marketing efforts.
  • As a media kit video.
  • Longer form video for blogs, reviews, and influencers.

5. Keep it brief

Keep your video short because people have very short attention spans (around 8 seconds on digital formats). That’s not a lot of time for you to explain why they should back your project.

  • Don’t waste time on anything unnecessary
  • Focus on the story behind the project and the people in your team over the details of your project
  • Put a human face to the idea to make an emotional connection
  • Cut your video down to be short and concise

In general, 30-second videos online have a completion rate of 88 percent. Keep this in mind if you find that your first version is going on a bit too long.

Very few people will watch a 3 minute video and even less will sit and read your entire campaign page, but many more will likely watch your 30-second video.

And that’s it! These are the 5 most important tips to follow to create a effective crowdfunding video.

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