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Kickstarter Review: Flic 2 Smart Button

Reviewing Flic 2: The Perfect Button – Control Anything With A Push

Welcome to the Flic 2 review by Backerland.

In our search we came across a small development team at Shortcut Labs from Sweden who have designed a new smart button. They are the team behind the Smart Button campaign in 2013 known as Flic. Their team has run two successful crowdfunding campaigns before and delivered on both of them.

What Is It?

Their aim is to make routine and complex tasks simple, smooth and effortless whether in a smart home or a workspace. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the “Perfect Button”.

While most smart buttons are used to toggle lights and control music, as Flic and Flick 2 demonstrates there are literally thousands of different ways to use one:

All the uses for Flic 2

Their team has taken everything the’ve learned from making smart buttons and revisited every single detail to create a product they sincerely believe is the perfect button. The Flic Hub has also been rebuilt from the ground up, to optimize performance, to add HomeKit capability, and to add Bluetooth Long Range

How Does It Improve On The Previous Version?

Their new design expands on their previous invention by adding:

  1. Faster and simpler set-up
  2. Improved ability to stick to surfaces
  3. Better visual feedback for commands
  4. Open platform for Flic app development
  5. Multi-app support
  6. More hardware interfaces:
    1. it switch modes between being a smart button, a Bluetooth Keyboard/mouse, or a Low latency MIDI controller.
  7. An open connection protocol and free SDK
  8. Apple Homekit support
  9. Double the range

That’s quite an improvement in functionality and access.

If you found our Flic 2 review helpful, then follow the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign for more information. You can also find a list of all available pledge options starting from $25 for a single Flic 2 smart button. With still 20 days remaining on its campaign the team has already raised over $400,000 thanks to over 3,300+ backers.

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