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How to get everyone talking about your crowdfunding project with a press release

Write a successful press release for your crowdfunding project that people want to read

A press release for your crowdfunding campaign can be a powerful promotion tool – if you’re able to tell a compelling story. It also offers the best chances for your crowdfunding campaign to garner blogger and media attention.

But journalists get hundreds of press releases every day, and large bloggers have no shortage of content to write about. How can your project stand apart?

What exactly is a Press Release?

A press release is an article introducing an event, achievement or anything considered newsworthy. Companies use press releases to promote new products or information they want the public to know about. You’ll be using a press release to promote your crowdfunding campaign.

Journalists who find a press release they like reach out for additional information (some may just publish an article from the information contained in the press release). This leads to extra traffic being driven to your project by their audiences.

Not only will you see immediate visitors to your project, but these articles will build your search engine ranking on Google for more visitors in the future.

At its simplest, a press release is advertising that is seen as “news” rather than an advertisement.

How to Write It

It’s important to write a press release that r3esonates with your reader because according to an Adweek survey most journalists spend less than a minute reading one.

You want to spend a bit of time crafting your press release because just throwing something together quickly and spamming it out won’t help and won’t get anyone to respond.

You can outsource the writing of your press release, but no one is going to know the most important points of your campaign but you.

Crowdfunding press releases are short and factual so it doesn’t need to be too fancy to get someone attention.

Getting Others To Open It

The problem with a lot of crowdfunding press releases, especially those written by crowdfunding consultants, is being too generic and not being compelling enough to writers.

The questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Why should someone open your press release?
  • Why should some care about your project?
  • Why would someone want to share your project?

To get a writer to open your press release you need to get their interest quickly with your title. Work until you have found the perfect headline to grab their attention and draw them in further.

Getting anyone to care about your crowdfunding press release is hard. Ask yourself the following:

  • What is special about your project?
  • Does the product solve a problem in need of solving?
  • Is my story going to be a compelling story to readers?

If you have a compelling story you’re going to need a strong call-to-action. It is important to drive people to support your project.

Finding the Right Authors

Build a list of journalists or bloggers who actively write articles about campaigns like yours (or even share or discuss them on social media).

Your list should be between 10 – 30 writers spanning different publications or blogs. These are the most likely people to share your campaign.

Start following and building a relationship with them before your release to increase your chances of success:

  • Read their work
  • Comment on their stories
  • Share their stories across social media

When the time arrives to release your article to the press, you can use a mass distributor to send out to thousands of websites, but for those on your list, you’ll want to send them individually

Example Structure of a Press Release

The structure of a crowdfunding press release is pretty simple.

We’ve put a template below with all the major sections for you. While writing your press release, ask yourself if it answers the questions of who, what, when, where and why.

Press release example
Press Release Template

Notice that the press release template above is simple and brief. This is because journalists and other bloggers are busy and won’t look at a press release if it looks long or complicated.

Remember, your press release isn’t there to give your project’s whole story away, but is there to get the reader interested in wanting more information.

The easier you make it read, the more people will read your press release, and the higher the chance someone writes about your project.

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