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Do You Need A Media Kit For Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Building the best media kit for your crowdfunding campaign.

A media kit is very important to the success of a crowdfunding campaign. It shows you are a credible company or team when you reach out to media publications, and it speeds up the process of getting news published about your project.

Writers and editors are busy people with timelines and quotas you possibly can’t imagine. To be considered as an option for them to write about your crowdfunding campaign, you want to make the process as simple as possible. You want to make their job easier, because everyone wants their job to be easier.

And that involves having a media or press kit.

What is a media or press kit?

Your media kit is the images, videos, and other information you’ll attach to your press release. Ideally, it should just be a Dropbox or Cloud Hosted Link.

Make sure it includes:

  1. A Word document or PDF quickly going over your company history and vision
  2. High-quality photos of your product (include a variety from product shots to lifestyle)

You don’t need to create a beautiful PDF, a simple document with organized images is all that is necessary.

Consider your audience

You have to put yourself in the shoes of the writers you want to discuss your article.  They are strapped for time and by organizing your media kit you’re making it easier for them to download or copy and paste from the Word document you provided.

This document of your media kit should be 1-2 pages at a maximum. The specifics of your campaign you’ll put into your press release, but try including some of the following in your Media Kit doc:

  • Company biography or vision behind your project
  • Blurb about the team, or founders
  • Product information and specs
  • Achievements or awards
  • Statistics you want the media to see (think preorder number, Facebook followers, big names attached to supporting your campaign)
  • Quotes from other press or testimonials from users

Aside from the high-quality photographs of your product, you can also include team photos, photos of the founders, or behind-the-scenes photos.

Just make sure you keep them neatly labeled and organized for writers to pull from easily.

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