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Create The Most Thrilling Elevator Pitch For Your Crowdfunding Campaign.

How to turn everyone you talk to into a backer for your crowdfunding campaign.

So, you’re on your way to making your crowdfunding idea real.

You’ve got your key concepts down. You’re busy making a prototype. You’re working to bring the idea to life. But do you have a crowdfunding campaign elevator pitch?

What do you do when someone asks you to explain just what your crowdfunding project is? Do you have a hard time explaining what it is? What it can do? What problem it’s solving?

If you do, then you need to perfect your crowdfunding campaign’s elevator pitch in order to convert anyone who hears it into becoming a backer.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short, sweet description which explains your crowdfunding project to clients, bloggers, backers, and anyone else who is willing to listen to you talk excitedly about dreams.

By the end of your pitch, everyone should walk away knowing 3 things

  1. The basics of your project
  2. How it will change their lives
  3. Where to go to support it.

Well then, how do create an awesome elevator pitch that will convert anyone who hears it into a backer? Just follow the tips below to get on your way.

Break your crowdfunding project down to its simplest idea.

It isn’t easy to take your crowdfunding project, that massive idea you came up with (and the little details around it) that you are trying to bring to life, and break it down to just a few words. Especially if you’re trying to accomplish something in a niche category.

So the best thing to do is to sit down and brainstorm everything related to your project on a piece of paper.

Once you’re done and have written out every word, phrase, or idea related to your project, circle everything that stands out as essential for describing what your project is; what it will do, and what problem it solves.

Once you have some words written, start crafting your elevator pitch.

Once you have the core ideas about your crowdfunding project down, it’s time to start writing out an amazing elevator pitch.

The best ways we’ve found to simplify your idea into a pitch is to use a formula.

Below is a formula we use. It’s pretty simple; just fill in the blanks below with your crowdfunding details:

[your project name]
is the
[your project type]
[your competitive advantage].

As an example we took a successful campaign and filled in the blanks so you can see how an elevator pitch would look:

  • Cinego: The headset that is a personal theatre.

When you get this core concept down on paper you can add to it, and use it as a starting point to get more complex, more emotional, or more practical depending on your audience and you want to get across with your project.

A more distilled, cleaner and simpler version is the crowdfunding project’s final pitch, which is what you can use as your project’s headline:

“Cinego: Meet Your Personal Immersive 4K Cinema”

Focus on the benefit to convert backers.

Try to simplify your crowdfunding project as much possible, so anyone that’s reading this article can understand the idea as quickly as possible.

Rather than using industry-specific terms which only a very niche audience would understand; or bringing a new feature up, try to use words which convey what you do and how it benefits backers.

For example, rather than saying your project uses optical protectors against blue light, you might say your project makes watching movies for a long period of time, easy and safe on the eyes.

Leave the features for the campaign page, right now you need to focus on benefits, because unless you’re saying something interesting, then people’s eyes are glazed from boredom,

Practice, practise, practise your elevator pitch.

So, you’ve written down your elevator pitch, and you’ve practiced it on colleagues and friends, but would you be prepared if you suddenly had a meeting with a writer about your project?

Practice your speech until you can repeat it in your sleep because you never know when you’re going to need it.

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