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How do you cross-promote a crowdfunding campaign successfully?

Campaign Cross-Promotion and how it can lead to new backers.

To successfully cross-promote your crowdfunding campaign and find new backers just follow these 4 simple tips:

  1. Write out a campaign pitch
  2. Find the right campaign to cross-promote with
  3. Time out your cross-promotion post
  4. Post it with the right assets

Once your campaign is live and has begun to gather donations and funding, you may want to try some alternative marketing strategies. One that comes to mind is cross-promotion.

Cross promoting campaigns is a free way to market your campaign to a new audience that is used to crowdfunding platforms.

This means partnering with other crowdfunding creators to promote each other’s campaigns to each other’s audiences through updates!
So how do you go about doing this?

Write out your campaign cross-promotion pitch

The first thing you have to do is write a short description of your project. Think of this copy as your elevator pitch, a summary of the best parts of your campaign. It will serve as the content used in the successful cross promotion of by your partners crowdfunding campaigns.

Things to include are:

  • A photo of your project (A Google Drive link is advised)
  • The name of your project or headline
  • a call to action such as “Click Here” or “Back It Now”
  • A special offer for the cross-promotion
  • Use a special link so you can track your cross-promotion sales

A successful pitch can go a long way in cross-promoting a crowdfunding campaign successfully.

Finding the right campaigns to cross-promote with

You don’t want to cross promote any project. You ideally want to gather a few campaigns to cross promote at once, so you’re not wasting valuable updates on individual campaigns!

And, there are a few things to consider before you jump into a partnership with another campaign owner in order to successfully cross-promote your own campaign:

  • Audience size
  • campaign activity (comments, updates)
  • Category (don’t promote other campaigns in your niche)
  • Look for projects in a similar, but non-competitive niche
  • Viability (keep an eye on if the project seems like a scam)
  • Funding; look for campaigns with your amount of funding or above!

After you’ve checked your native platform, look at other platforms. If you are on Indiegogo there is no reason not to reach out to Kickstarter projects for a cross-promotion, as it is still a new audience.

When to post your cross-promotion campaign update

When you finally find the right campaigns to promote you can start crafting your own update to your backers!

First you want to be honest with your partners; tell them when to anticipate your post and vice versa – you want to know when they will post their update.

Include all the information they provide (the project title, photo, description, link).

Make sure you dedicate a day that you haven’t posted an update on (preferably a week, as you don’t want to post too many updates for your backers).

And that is how you cross-promote a campaign successfully to find new backers.

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