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Your go-to fitness product combining the ab roller, push-up grips, and resistance bands for the ultimate home or on the go workout.

CORRO Targets Core Strength

We designed CORRO to include numerous features to fit into almost any training style! Take advantage of the Corro System for solo workouts or partner workouts.

  •  PUSH UP GRIPS – Corro Fit works on any surface!
  •  AB ROLLER – Super mobile and compact for travel or at-home workouts
  •  RESISTANCE BANDS – (Pro Version) Equipped with 10/20/30 lb. resistance bands

Part of the CORRO design is to ensure you can perform one arm movements to improve muscle imbalances.

The resistance bands help you perform a full standing ab roll out movement, simply engages your entire body from head to toe!

One product but double the effect! Why stand or sit and wait for your partner to finish their set. CORRO gives both partners a great workout at the same time.

CORRO Fit Benefits

  •  Compact for Travel – Pack your bags with room to stuff in Corro Fit system
  •  150+ Exercises – Chest flys, ab rolls, glute kickbacks, and dozens more!
  •  Designed for All Fitness Levels – Corro 
  •  Clip-in Bands to Add Resistance – Carabiner for added resistance
  • Ergonomically designed and eco-friendly material

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