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Areni 1 Footwear: The Brand 5,500 Years In The Making

We handcraft lifestyle footwear that bridges the remotely ancient and the daringly modern

Welcome to the world of Areni 1 Footwear. Our feet are rooted in a mystical history, and our eyes are set on the horizon of what’s to come. We believe in honest craftsmanship, bold design, and celebrating culture. Handmade in Armenia by a tight knit team of 40 craftsmen, each pair of Areni 1’s is brought to life with passion.

We’re SO confident in our A1 quality, we’ll guarantee your shoes stay stunning for LIFE. The oldest Armenian shoe stuck around for 5,500 years- let’s try and do even better!

Inspired by 5,500 Years of Shoemaking Tradition

Armenia is home to the world’s oldest leather shoe- made 5,500 years ago and discovered in the Areni 1 cave. We celebrate this tradition today by including historical inspirations in our modern footwear. 

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