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AnyBackup: AutoBackup while 100W FastCharge w/ Apple MFi

Completely AUTO backup and 100W Super Fast Charge at the same time for iOS & Android. Chipset certified by Apple MFi. ONLY from $34!

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We ‘ve got it! You don’t want to lose your important photos, videos, documents, and other files saved on your devices. Besides, you’re tired of being pushed to pay for cloud-based subscriptions that are filled up all too fast, required internet fees, and left you little control for your privacy. 

So, we created Anybackup an auto-backup device unlike any other on the market. We ‘ve made sure it fits your new phone, is integrated with an Apple MFi chip. This product backs up data not only from your phone but also from 3rd-party platforms. It also supports fast charging while automatically backing up data and facilitates unlimited storage. Oh yeah, and it’s super easy to use and transport.

 AnyBackup is capable of reading, backing up, transferring, and restoring your documents, contacts, photos, videos, and data from all the popular social media channels. 

Work with all protective cases. No need to remove your protective cases !!!

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 AnyBackup is capable of fast charging your phone and automatic backing up your files, all at the same time.

Keep your device running at optimal levels by easily plugging in AnyBackup to your device and a power source. This quickly regenerates your battery and storage capacity.
Fast charging multiple devices in 30 minutes
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