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A BetterBook, a Notebook, But Better

Betterbook is a better notebook to work and study with, and an ideal companion for computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Story & Idea

Recently, like most of the planet, our team started working from home. In the office, we’d share ideas and design by throwing our design pads around and we realized very quickly that we needed a similar solution. Like a better notebook to work and study with, and an ideal companion for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Rather than reinvent the wheel and come up with some digital solution we did what we do best… we took a simple idea and maybe it better… the BetterBook. The unique format and ration let you capture & scan your work in seconds, settles nicely by your keyboard and so on…

In short, BetterBook is a better notebook.

  •  Better at capturing & scanning with your phones 
  •  Better images displayed with no white/black bars 
  •  Better fit on your desk just below the keyboard 
  •  Better note organization and time management 

Better Capture & Scan

Natural black frame: The deliberate distinct 0.5cm/1cm black border perfectly frames every shot. This allows your phone or scanning apps to scan instantly, first time, and almost error-free. BetterBook makes digitizing your work a simple matter of point and click. 

 Better Displayed Images  

Unique 18:9 Ratio:BetterBook’s format matches mainstream mobile phones and computer widescreen monitors perfectly.

This means captured images are designed to fit your screen perfectly. No more unsightly large black borders on the top and bottom and you won’t have to zoom in and lose detail just to make out the finer points. 

Better Fit On Your Desk

Landscape Style: In today’s space-saving world, we don’t have room for large A4 pads on our workstation, but BetterBook’s unique format fits snugly beside our keyboard.

BetterBook nestles on your desk perfectly and makes working with laptops or computers, writing and typing more comfortable and efficient.

 Better Organize Your Notes 

Smart Code: At the bottom of every page is a unique symbol designed to help you organize your work. It’s an unobtrusive light grey design and ideal for marking edits, adding deadlines, or any other important information.  

BetterBook is perfect for 

  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Students 
  • All creative industries
  •  And even board gamers 

 The Quality Materials 

Quality, lasting paper. Acid-free fine grain paper allows you to use all sorts of mediums and archive your books safe from degradation.  

Ideal On the Move

BetterBook is available in2 sizes: Desk Notebook and Pocket Notebook. With the pocket BetterBook you can take it anywhere and share content with a click. Want to show someone your latest work, but don’t want to faff around with scanners, Bluetooth, and compatibility issues? Hold up your BetterNote and you can share your work with a click.

BetterBook comes with 3 options of the papers: Blank, Grid, or Dotted Grid. Three types of paper for all types of people. It allows you to write, draw, diagram- and all the little things in-between. 

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